“It’s difficult to get people at the moment, but still we manage somehow,” managing director Tor Atle Deisz says to Aftenbladet, “we’ve had good results by going through our own personnel.”

36 new permanent staff was hired last year, and it currently has 150 FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents). Nevertheless, sharp growth means the company now needs a number of new ones.

According to Mr Deisz, retraining is carried out internally, “which is not such a big step away for car mechanics to take, in particular. We also have a well-established team and allocate the time needed to teach them what they will do.”

The Forus-based business delivers advanced electro-hydraulic control and chemical injection systems to the oil industry worldwide. What is helping drive growth upwards is offshore activity below and above the water, so-called subsea and topside.

Hitec Products more than doubled its turnover last year, ending 2011 with 295 million kroner in turnover. In light of current events on the oil and gas front, Mr Deisz expects this year will bring a further doubling.

“Judging from current order reserves, we will certainly pass the 500 million kroner turnover mark, and I believe we’re approaching 600 million,” he concludes.

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