“He has been one of the best Environment Ministers Norway has ever had over the years,” says leader Lars Haltbrekken.

According to him, Erik Solheim’s three most important victories are:

1. He stopped the oil industry in succeeding in its wish to open up areas outside Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja.

2. He strengthened the conservation of nature through the Conservation Act (Naturvernloven).

3. He obtained billions of kroner for the rainforests that will contribute to major cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Haltbrekken is more concerned about results, less about who has the post. He states, “I would, however, like to wish his successor good luck and we are looking forward to more victories.”

According to him, the main task is now to make gains in June’s pre-announced Climate Policy White Paper.

Emissions have increased

“Norway has to find a new course out of the greenhouse,” he says, at the same time confirming that Norway’s greenhouse gas emissions have increased every year since 1995.

So how is it that you are so happy about Erik Solheim?

“We are pleased with the three major victories we have won. Nonetheless, we would like to have seen that Norway had reduced its greenhouse gas emissions.”

What about Ola Borten Moe?

“Norway not having attained its goal is not due to Erik Solheim's lack of effort,” declares Lars Haltbrekken, “opposing forces in the oil industry are simply too strong.”

So you would like to see Petroleum and Energy Minister Ola Borten Moe as Environment Minister, then?

“Ha, ha.”

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