• Oleon in Sandefjord.

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Halliburton acquires clean-up job

Halliburton has entered into an agreement to purchase DVS Norway's drilling waste treatment facility at Mongstad. Clearing of illegal waste at Oleon in Sandefjord is included in the purchase.

“The storage of drilling waste in Oleons facilities is not in any way related to Halliburton, but we're happy to help out in a difficult situation,” Halliburton Scandinavia managing director Egil Aanestad says.

Oleon has received 32,500 tonnes of oily waste, process water and mud from DVS Norway since autumn 2009 in total.

Environmental foundation Bellona took action against the facility in June last year.

Norway’s Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif) reported the companies DVS Norway at Mongstad, Oleon in Sandefjord, and Øra Industry in Fredrikstad to the police for illegal storage of hazardous waste.

“Halliburton and Oleon are working closely with the relevant authorities to prepare a plan for emptying the tanks,” Mr Aanestad says.

According to Halliburton, work to empty and clear out the tanks will begin as soon as the purchase of the waste treatment plant at Mongstad is completed, and the necessary endorsements are in place.

“This agreement is positive for Sandefjord,” says Jan Rørvik Johnsen, managing director of Oleon.

“It is very important that the waste is removed in a safe and environmentally-sound manner.”

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