• 84 prosent av befolkningen har positive holdninger til vindkraft på land, mens 89 prosent er positive til vindkraft til havs, viser undersøkelsen.

    FOTO: Geir Sveen

Land-based wind power a hit

As youths become disinterested in the climate, an overwhelming majority of those asked say they prefer wind power to other sources, according to a new poll.

8 out of 10 people interviewed by TNS Gallup said they are in favour of land-based windmills. Whilst a considerable 89 percent were positive to offshore ones, only hydropower was more popular.

Company Norsk Vind Energi’s Lars Helge Helvig tells Aftenbladet, “There’s a growing awareness about sustainable solutions, clean energy, and global environmental issues. People are informed, and see the need for forward-looking energy solutions.”

Meanwhile, TNS Gallup’s inquiry also shows a decreasing number of Norwegian youths aged between 15 and 29 feel climate issues are important

Coming in second place on youths’ 2009 list of largest challenges facing Norway in 2009, it has now plunged to 11.  

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