Norway oil industry rapped by Eva Joly

MEP Eva Joly castigated oil nation Norway when she spoke at environment Party De Grønne’s congress in Oslo, Saturday.

Amongst other things, Norwegian-French Joly pointed out the lack of coherence between Norway’s rainforest commitment on the one hand, and its Sovereign Wealth Fund and Norsk Hydro's investments in Brazil on the other.

She voiced the need for Miljøpartiet De Grønne when it came to avoiding situations such as these.

“It’s a Party with real concern regarding indigenous people, climate change, and the future. It cares about people, not just the greed of the multinationals,” said Joly.

She also talked about how traditional political blocs demonstrate the need for a new, green axis in Norwegian and European politics.

“The Rightists and Socialists have the same problem. They lead a policy from the previous century. Our standard of living has been based on exploiting of other parts of the world. We need to see the relationship between Norway and Brazil. We must create a model that is valid worldwide. That is why the fight against tax havens, which I have led for fifteen years, is more than ever,” Joly declared.

Eva Joly is MEP for Europe Écologie, and former presidential candidate for Norway Miljøpartiet De Grønne’s French sister party, Europe Écologie-Les Verts.

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Eva Joly. As a magistrate, she became known as a corruption fighter in the Elf Aquitaine affair in the 90s, and has written numerous books.


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