• Not only do oil company personnel enjoy good salaries, several also get help from their employer to buy a property.

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Oil companies’ property help revealed

Employees get help from their employer to buy a property.

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Da Olaug Line (29) kom fra Oslo til jobb i Eni for vel tre år siden, ble selskapets gunstige låne-
ordning nøkkelen inn på boligmarkedet. – Jeg hadde en bedre sjanse og det ble lettere for meg å få bolig. Og når jeg oppgraderte til enebolig, kunne jeg få den boligen jeg ville ha. 
Foto: Pål Christensen

Oil industry offers zero interest loans to employees

Olaug Line (29) was amazed by the many benefits.

Not only do oil company personnel enjoy good salaries, several also get help from their employer to buy a property.

In Aftenbladet’s continuing focus on employee benefits, another article shows Eni Norge is no exception.

Below are answers from some companies.

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Argentinerne Jorge og Ursula Kazmer er på boligjakt i Stavanger. Jorge jobber for Schlumberger og familien får hjelp til å skaffe seg tak over hodet.

Oil boom makes rental prices soar

Oil companies are snapping up the best rental properties.

Norske Shell: “The general rule is that our local employees are responsible for housing except for the few who commute, as well as those who are relocated temporarily. International employees have their own conditions regarding properties. Mortgages are subsidised for newly qualified staff and those in the initial phase of their career.”

BP: “That’s correct. Employees have the option of subsidised bank mortgages.”

ConocoPhillips: “Newly employed people who have moved here get a lump sum plus 30 percent addition to their base salary for 12 months."

ExxonMobil: “We have special arrangements for those who are newly established, and a loan scheme for all our employees, otherwise.”

GDF Suez: “We have subsidised loan schemes for all employees buying a house, and transitional arrangements for those who move here.”

Marathon: “Marathon Oil offers employees subsidised mortgages and a moving remuneration for new out-of-town employees.”

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Renting a property in Stavanger - how does it work?

The information here should help.

Statoil: “The company has no specific scheme for supporting the purchase of a property except an agreement with banks for the provision of housing loans to employees. In the first year, we offer new employees who have not yet established themselves in their own home a transitional property at favourable terms. This will give our staff a smooth transition into the local housing market."

Talisman: “We subsidise part of the mortgage interest rate as part of our compensation package for employees.”

Total: “That’s correct. New employees are offered the opportunity of a mortgage.”

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