• Average monthly rental prices for a two-room apartment in the Stavanger area have increased by 2,000 kroner in just half a year. Optimistic oil companies snapping up the best rental properties are pushing prices up.

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Renting a property in Stavanger - how does it work?

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So, you are on your way or have just arrived to Stavanger – Now renting a place to live, how does it work in Norway?

The monthly rental can start from 3,000 NOK (for a room in a shared house) to 40,000 NOK (for a big and beautiful house, usually with a view). Furnishings, electricity, Internet and cable TV may or may not be included. Places are generally more expensive in and immediately around the city.

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Oil boom makes rental prices soar

Oil companies are snapping up the best rental properties.

If you are interested in a place, let the landlord/agent know. The landlord will decide who he wants to rent the place to, so you may not necessarily get the place you want. And as many of my expat friends have experienced, you might lose the place you so badly desire to someone else just because they are Norwegian.

Basically, landlords are looking for tenants who can pay the rent on time and who will not run away without paying the rent. Therefore, having a company or the municipality as your guarantor can help.

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