• Bergen Group Rosenberg is one of the 62 businesses i Rogaland that could be hit by strike from Sunday morning.

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Rogaland companies face walkout threat

62 businesses in Rogaland, western Norway, could be hit by strikes from Sunday morning.

62 businesses in Rogaland, western Norway, could be hit by strikes from Sunday morning if union the United Federation of Trade Unions (Fellesforbundet) and employers’ organisation the Federation of Norwegian Industries (Norsk Industri) fail to agree under mediation.

The union suspended arbitration talks on Tuesday, leaving just four days to reach a deal at the time.

Federation leader Arve Bakke told NTB, “Employers will be feeling the pressure as there are now only four days left. I hope the state mediator manages to find a solution both parties can live with.”

The Federation has announced its almost 29,000 members covered by mediation would be called out on strike, hitting more than 800 companies nationwide.

Aftenbladet contacted all the union’s local branches in Rogaland, Wednesday, with officials saying a walkout would involve 3,702 members.

Aibel in Haugesund, Aker Solutions in Stavanger, and Kverneland in Klepp are the biggest businesses that would be affected. The union has 627, 515, and 404 members working there, respectively. The arbitration deadline is set for midnight on Saturday.

Members will vote on the proposal should an agreement be reached.

Here is a list of the 62 businesses that will be affected by a possible strike from Sunday morning:


Aker Solutions MMO AS Avd Stavanger - 515 members.
Bergen Group Rosenberg AS - 256.
Kaefer Energy AS (Stavanger) - 188.
Fabricom AS - 100.
Varco Norge AS - 1.
GMC Brannvern AS - 2.
GMC Diesel AS - 7.
GMC Maritime AS - 26.
Hinna Base AS - 9.
IKM Mekaniske Stavanger AS (Stavanger) - 55.
Tranberg AS - 17.
Euroskilt AS (Forus) - 7.
Noha Norway AS Stavanger - 25.
Nordic Crane Stangeland AS - 40.
Aanestad Engineering AS - 6.
Rosenberg Services AS - 25.
Norsk Stål AS (Production, Stavanger) - 14.
Apply Sørco Installasjon AS - 36.


BIS Industrier AS Avd Sandnes - 289 members.
Keppel Norway AS - 13.
Aibel AS main office - 5.
Exova AS - 9.
E Christophersen AS - 7.
YIT AS (Stavanger) - 20.
Aga AS district office (Sandnes) - 2.
Malthus AS (Figgjo) - 8.


Norisol Norge AS Avd Offshore Sola - 28 members.
Semco Maritime AS - 27.
Beerenberg Corp AS (Offshore department) - 36.
Beerenberg Corp AS (Stavanger/scaffolding) - 9.
Eureka Pumps AS main office - 2.
IKM Kran og Løfteteknikk AS - 20.


Norsk Metallretur Stavanger AS - 21 members.


Scana Steel Stavanger AS - 156 members.
Scana Offshore Technology AS - 27.


Gjestal AS - 8 members.


BMS Steel AS - 16 members.
Aarbakke Vardheia AS - 11.
TrallNor AS - 1.


Kverneland Group Operation Norway AS (Kverneland Klepp) - 404 members.

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