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The moveable cameras alternate between both sides of the much-visited Vågen harbour.

Summer in Stavanger is packed with festivals. Many of them, among others Gladmat, take place around the harbour where east mixes with west on Skagenkaien and Strandkaien, respectively.

This webcam, showing Strandkaien to the left and Skagenkaien to the right from the top of Ankerbygget located in innermost Vågen, alternates between the two quays. Each page displays for half a minute before the camera turns to the other side.


Deep-water harbour and street with businesses on the west side of the harbour in Stavanger. The depth of nine metres (just under 30 feet) along the line of the quayside, sloping steeply to 15-20 metres (about 49 to 66 feet) further out in the harbour, makes it possible for all types of ships to berth.

Building out the quay started in 1912. Railways for freight transport via the port’s tunnel (Havnetunnelen) to the railway station were constructed, and private transport companies ferried passengers from here to Nyhavn on the nearby island of Buøy from the 1920s.

Today, the inner part of the quay is used for yachts, while cruise ships and other large vessels use the outer one.

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See webcams on Iphone/Ipad:

Vågen in Stavanger

Strandkaien and Skagenkaien


The oldest part of Skagenkaien, from Holmen in towards Feldthusalmenningen, was built between 1889 and 1891, before being extended to Torget in the period up to 1910.

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The quay was used for all types of shipping throughout the 1900s, right up to when the facilities at Mekjarvik, Dusavik and Tananger took over industrial traffic in the ‘70s.

Today, the quay has been adapted for boat tourism and large public events in connection with Stavanger's many festivals. The buildings are characterised by listed sea-fronted warehouses, considered some of Stavanger's most important cultural monuments.

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