• Statoils office is in this building in Tripoli.

    FOTO: Lars Gunnar Dahle, Statoil

Statoil re-opens Libya office

Norwegian giant Statoil is opening its office in Tripoli again, and predicts production in both oil fields where it is a partner will reach normal levels in 2012.

Country manager Jarle Bøe tells Aftenbladet, “I was in Tripoli for the first time since the war last November. There was very little damage to the office, just a few bullet-holes on the 11 floor.”

Approximately 30 employees worked there prior to the military campaign, now there are 18. They are all locals, apart from one Dutchman, a South African, and Norwegian Mr Bøe.

As a partner of the onshore Mabruk field in the Murzuq Basin, Statoil participated in oil exploration and production.

Statoil’s yields in the last quarter of 2011 were 7,800 barrels per day, despite experts’ predictions Libya would take several years to reach pre-war production levels again following the death of Muammar Gaddafi.

“Damage to the infrastructure relating to oil and gas production in the country is slight and can be repaired” says Jarle Bøe, “production has recommenced at both fields we are involved in, and we expect it to return to normal during the course of this year.”

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