• State secretary, Astri Aas-Hansen of the Ministry of Justice, is quite clear that children should have the same legal protection as adults, and that it is therefore illegal to smack children.

Islamic Council against hitting children

The Islamic Council is against hitting children as part of child-rearing, but Frp thinks smacking is fine. Smacking children will now be forbidden.

In 1995, the Supreme Court said that giving one’s children light, disciplinary smacks was not punishable. Now however, the government wants to change regulations to end all forms of smacking, writes Dagsavisen.

”It needs to be crystal clear that children have the same legal protection as adults in Norway. Parents also need to know that they do not have any punishment rights. Just as it is wrong to smack an adult, it is also wrong to smack a child,” says the state secretary, Astri Aas-Hansen from the Ministry of Justice.

She informs that the government will submit a proposition for changes in the law before Christmas.

”In the new draft, paragraph 228, we also emphasize that Norway has to meet international demands to do with the legal security of children, and the phrasing is unarguable. It will no longer be possible to interpret the law such that children can be smacked,” says Aas-Hansen.

Parental rights to punish their children was abolished in 1972. The Supreme Court ruling in 1995 came in connection with a step-father who had hit two children on their behinds with the palm of his hand. The Supreme Court’s view was that smacking a child is acceptable as long as parents do not use much force, and that is happens spontaneously, so that the smack does not involve any form of violation for the child. Aas-Hansen thinks it is incomprehensible that the Supreme Court managed to conclude as they did.

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