ConocoPhillips cuts 140 employees

The company wants to axe 140 onshore positions, terminate contracts with 270 consultants, and send home a bunch of foreigners working for the company in Norway.

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The majority of the 140 surplus employees are located here at the company's Tananger headquarters. They work in engineering and administrative positions. Foto: Fredrik Refvem

"ConocoPhillips will be reducing staff numbers by some 140, mainly onshore. The objective is to implement workforce reductions by offering voluntary severance packages and early retirement. We have no plans of deploying redundancies," says Stig S. Kvendseth, information manager at ConocoPhillips Norge.

The company is also terminating contracts with its 270 contracted consultants.

Foreign employee numbers from other parts of the company who come to work in Norway will also be reduced.

Mr Kvendseth says this does not concern a significant number of personnel.