Environmentalists take action against icebreaker

Boarded the Finnish ‘Nordica’ icebreaker.

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Six Greenpeace activists boarded the Finnish ‘Nordica’ icebreaker again, Thursday, in attempts toprevent Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic this summer.

The operation againstthe same ship, which belongs to the Finnish state, is the organisation’s secondfollowing the one in March.

Finland’s governmentowns two such icebreakers, moored in the Port of Helsinki, for use in theBaltic Sea during the winter season.

Five drillings off Alaska

It is planned thesevessels will be hired out to Shell in summer to help pave the way for thecompany’s first five drillings in the Arctic off Alaska. Greenpeace activistsinitiated the boarding operation to try to stop ‘Nordica’ beginning its voyageto the Arctic.

“We’re doing whatwe can to preventShell from carrying out drilling in the Arctic. We believe that neither Shell nor other oilcompanies have documented systems and are ready to handle oil spills in theice,” says Greenpeace Norway leader Truls Gulowsen to Aftenbladet.

Newspaper SvenskaDagbladet reported the activists were on board the ship for five hours. Policeand the captain asked them to leave the vessel on several occasions.

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The operation endedafter officers arrested them, with the icebreaker being transported to the Portof Karlskrona in Sweden. Follow Aenergy on Twitter!

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