No Arctic drilling for Total

Patrice de Viviès says drilling in the Arctic is too risky.

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Total does not wish to go continue further north into theice-filled Arctic Region despite its interests in Snøhvit,its ambitions to progress with the Shtokman project in Russia, and moredrilling in the Barents Sea.

“We are concerned about the consequencesof an oil spill in these areas. Accidents can always happen, even with the best technology,”Monsieur de Viviès, Total’s senior vice president, exploration and production northernEurope, says to Aftenbladet.

Statoil have plans for the Arctic

The company is thus going against thegrain among the major oil companies, which all have big ambitions for drillingfor oil in the Arctic.

Total’spartner inSnøhvit, Statoil, declared at ONS on Tuesday that they will be more than tripling their researchbudget to solve the region’s challenges, and they believe they have learned frommistakes made at Snøhvit.

"Not a place we want to be"

Shell and ConocoPhillips are two other oil companiesat ONS to talkabout their plans for areas of the Arctic where the ice is starting to melt.

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“We can’t leave the Arctic to oil companies”

“There are many places in the world we can drill, andthe Arctic is not a place we wantto be. That’s why we aren’t drillingoff Greenland, for example,” concludes Monsieur de Viviès.

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