Third incident in less than a year

Friday’s Island Innovator platform tilting is not the only one that has happened in Norwegian waters the last 12 months.

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Reports said 63 people were evacuated from Island Innovator

Denne artikkelen er over seks år gammel

The Odfjell Drilling-operated Island Innovator began to tilt while moored at Hanøytangen near Bergen,western Norway. Reports said 63 people were evacuated from thefacility. It is believed one of the ballast tanks took on water.

Last September, Scarabeo 8 tilted during Barents Seaexploration drilling for Eni. 140 were mustered at the lifeboats ready forevacuation. Improper ballast system use proved to be the tilting’s cause.

336 people were evacuated justtwo months later from accommodation platformFloatel Superior Statoil was using inthe Norwegian Sea. An anchor had put eight holes on one of the ballasttanks and the platform took on water.

The ballast system is used to control the platform’scentre of gravity to hold it stable in the water.