Tourist guide to Stavangers culinaric highpoints

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the first deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the food.

Welcome to the culinaric headtown of Norway.
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If you want a culinaric upliving of what Stavanger stands for, you must go to a bakery and ask for Half horn with cheese and skink, piffi, warm. Then you get Stavangers national foodright.

The secret behind this right, is the piffi, which is an old herb that stavangerfolks has grown for ages in the dark halls under the Wallberg in the middle of the city. Today, the old piffihalls ar in use as parkingplaces for cars. You can see that with your own ice.

Many bakeries do not warm the horns anymore. But you can take your horn and please yourself by one of the microwave ovens some is for public use. The horn itself, should always be a white seedhorn. The seedless, dark horn some of the bakeries sell, is fraud. It is also important that the skink is so called cooked skink, and not some hamburgerback or something. The cheese is supposed to be Norwegia, do not let them fool you with something else.

The half horn is a typical lunchright. For dinner, many stavangerfolks like to eat komla, which is a deconstructed and reconstructed potato, cooked in craft. In old days, it was normal to serve what is called komla with dott, which means that someone has put meat into the komla.

If you have a full komledinner, you should get pylsa - or sausage, as you will call it - together with salt meat also. Healthfreaks will have greensakes with it too, and the most common is mashed coal rabbi. But beware: The mashed coal rabbi fills up the stomach, and give less room for komla!

In the summer, you can sit on the quay and eat reiks. Reiks are good. You can buy reiks from the fishermen at the reikboats on the quay. Some of the fishermen may have the crabs, and if you get lucky, you can get the crabs from them too.

You will find bakeries all over the city, but the reikboats are always on the quay.

Good tour!


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