Tourist guide to Rope

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the second deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Rope.

If you look good, you can see Rope Mill whole from Stavanger.
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Rope is a tightplace in Strand commune, on the other side of the fjord. If you look good, you can see Rope from Stavanger, specially the big, white Rope Mill that lies by the sea.

Rope used to be an important traffic knot point when the Rope ferry sailed, but not anymore, because we have Ryefast now, that is a tunnel under the sea from Cannot to Sunback.

If you go and see near Rope Mill, you can lay mark to some small, red treehouses. That is Old Rope Mill, that not must be confused with Old Rope Brewery in the Heat in Stavanger. Old Rope Mill was builded around 1800 bye the Rope Falls, that gave energy to the mill and started this industrial adventure. In addition to the mill, they also make antennas at Rope.

Rope lyes on the worst way in whole Norway, the infamous National Road 13. There lives about 3000 people at Rope, and they have a footballclub called Middle Village Sports Club.

The name Rope is ancient norwegian and means witchcraft, some say. Others say it just means rope. If it means rope, they think it might come from a ferry on a water here that was pulled by rope. That must not be confused with the Rope ferry, that does not sail anymore, and was not pulled by rope.

They have three schools on Rope: One children’s school, one teenager’s school, and one further going school. There has been a school corpse on Rope since 1959, that goes out in the streets and plays the national anthem on may seventeenth.

The easiest way to come to Rope, is by car from Stavanger Centrum. Just drive to Cannot and into the tunnel, but watch your fart, or the police will take you. When you drive up on the other side, by Sunback, the skilts to Rope will be clearly visible.

Good tour!

There has been a school corpse on Rope since 1959

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