Tourist guide to Lobstersoak

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the eight deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Lobstersoak.

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A troop of spiders walk on the mountain by Lobstersoak. Both the Usk and Stavanger can be seen in the behind.
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Lobstersoak, also known as Lobstersand, is a tightplace in Sadness commune in a landscape known as Risky. The idyllic build by the Riskyfjord has outlook to The Usk - an eye in the sea - and is not long from the city. Factic can you see to Lobstersoak from Bighill, whole east in Stavanger.

Risky was a part of old Hotland commune, that was knocked together with Stavanger in 1965, but Stavanger did not take the risk, so the whole thing was given to Sadness. Before Sadness took over, Lobstersoak was a typical industry place, with cornmill, cementmixery and other fabrics. Today, most people work in the city, and many take the boat forward and to back.

If you want to see Lobstersoak from above, can you go up to the Lobstersoak mountain and see whole to the city on the other side of the fjord. Of curse, if you turn your self around, you can also see the dark woods and deep dales of inner Sadness.

Lobstersoak has got its name because the inbuilders there - the so called risky people - used to soak their lobsters before they cooked them. In modern times, it has become common knowledge that lobsters live on the bottom of the sea, and are therefor soaked from before of. So it does not give any meaning to soak them anymore, and that is why so many say Lobstersand in stead for, which of curse is more logic, when you think on it.

If you come on a boat, you can go to Lobstersoak guest harbour and anker up there, but you can also take the train to Sadness, and from the Route by the trainstation, catch the bus to Lobstersoak, and then go to back to Stavanger with the route boat. That is a nice round trip.

Good tour!


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