Tourist guide to Leadale

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the fifth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Leadale.

The queen winks from the veranda on Leadale. The king looks on.
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Leadale is the royal residence in Stavanger. Here can the king stay when he is in town.

But it has not been the king’s residence for all times, because in old days the writer Alexander Killand lived here, famous for his heavy drinking. This is why the residence is called Leadale, after Killands favorite drink - ale with lead. He died of drinking that to slut of curse, but wrote good romans while he was at it.

The most known of Killands romans, is probably «German and worse». And we all know how it got worse when the germans came and occupied whole Norway. They to and with took Leadale and used it for nazi officers.

Today you can see a statue of Killand in the marketplace traps, pleasing the birds who is shitting all over the poor guy. Good thing though, he is wearing a high floss hat for protection.

The peacefull park where the kings residence lies, is often used by sunbathers and smallchild families on fine summerdays. On days with rougher weather, you will for the most meet narcomanes here, but sometimes there are footballers too, and folks that air their dogs in the park. So look up for dog shit!

Right by Leadale, Lerwick brewery serves fresh local beer in their own pub, where you can have you a half litre. And slap off, they don’t serve lead ale anymore. That have they not law to.

So: Leadale is lying in the Leadale park, not long from the city center. You just walk up the Epa back, cross the western plateau, and there you find yourself aboutringed of big, old ache trees, birds and acorns. If the king is not home, you can go in and see the whole residence with your own ice.

Good tour!


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