Tourist guide to Farter

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the seventh deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Farter.

Farter is whole south in Helmetcountry.
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Farter is a build south in Helmetcountry commune. The area lies between the Hotlandwater and the Farterfjord, and has a big mast on the top. You can see the mast from almost whole Ryecountry.

Under the mast lies green and warm farmergardens where they durk earthberries some they sell at Easterwick and other places in the city. The earthberries are big, red and sweet. If you come over them, you should buy a whole case, take them with you home, and make sweet and daily earthberry syltetoy that you can smear on your loaf or your laps, if you can make that in your kitchen.

Many people also like to have escape on their laps, but others think that it is too much. I don’t know. Canspoon, if you are on a diet, you can try some easy escape with less fat.

Canspoon, if you are on a diet, you can try some easy escape with less fat.

Being whole south in Helmetcountry, Farter is close to Beach commune. Factic, it has been its own commune toback in the times. Farter was knocked together with Helmetcountry commune in 1884 - funny enough - the same year as both Left and Right political parties was invented, and the Norwegian Beesmokerteam saw the light of day. Yeardale and Jelsy communes was also knocked into the new commune then, but the Farterislands was knocked together with Find Island and Star Island, that is now in Stavanger commune.

If you want to go to Farter, you must drive through the Ryefast tunnel, all the way to Sunback, and wider to Rope - before you turn north on the Ryefastway. Of curse, you can also drive the aboutway around Coolwick and Fishy, but that takes longer time, and the way is not the best.

The name Farter comes from the unhabit the inbuilders have with farting all the time. That probably comes from their special coasthold, that is earthberries only.

Good tour!


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