Tourist guide to Booeye

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the third deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Booeye.

Sometimes when they build boats on Booeye, they get it whole wrong. Foto: Jarle Aasland

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Booeye is the eye in the fjord, that lies closest to the city center. You can see it from down town, because of the yellow tower that sticks up from it. Fore, you had to take a ferry to come to Booeye - the so called Booeye ferry - but now you can either cross the sound on the Bybridge, or if you like to come in a car, you can drive the Dogwick tunnell from Cannot.

The yellow tower is called the Booeyetower, because it is a tower on Booeye. The tower was raised because they had so low water truck on Booeye, that they had to pump it up, so it came down again with more fart.

What you also can see from the city center is the big shipswarft that is Rosenberg. In many years was Rosenberg the biggest working place in whole Stavanger. It was so famous in the old days, that when football came to northern deals of Norway, they actually named a football club after it.

Rosenberg used to build the biggest tank boats in the world. But then the oil came, and they started to build oil platforms and such things instead.

If you want to go to Booeye, you must go to the Bybridge, which starts with side of the Johns church, and then walk over it. Well, it doesn’t accurate take you to Booeye, but to Sealust. From Sealust, you must go over enough a bridge to Meadoweye, and from there you have to cross a third bridge - over the Decorationsound - and then, to slut, you come to Booeye.

The lightest way to get to Booeye, is to jump on the Dogwick bus, and go off it when it comes to Booeye. From the bus holdplace you can walk up to the Booeye tower and look you around.

Good tour!


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