Tourist guide to the Bicycle motorway

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the fourth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Bicycle motorway.

You can cycle on a bicycle that goes on stream, if you have lust.
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Yes, you readed right! In Stavanger we factic has a bicycle motorway. I know that it sounds meaningless, because nobody have law to cycle on the motorway. And that is why we have found up a motorway that is forbidden to use if you have a motor.

Now it gives meaning, doesn’t it?

The bicycle motorway goes from Cannot to Forus, and it has to and with its own tunnel, that goes right through the Southmark. Well, the tunnel on the bicycle motorway is in use by cars accurate now, but it will be for bicycles one gang in the future.

Then the bicycle motorway goes down to the new sick house on Grand Nose, but that is not finished yet. From Grand Nose, the bicycle motorway goes the whole way to Forus with side of the real motorway.

When you have cycled to Forus, you can for example buy something on Quadrate or the Tweet Centre - or on another buying centre - and then can you cycle back to the city centre on a more scenic bicycle way, that goes with side of the fjord. Between the fjord and the iron bane, factic.

The ground to build so fine bicycle ways in Stavanger, is that we have a lot of money we collect on the roads. The so called boom money. We have to use it on something, and what is better than a bicycle motorway?

If you want to cycle this route, you can go and take one of the white and green, electric bycycles from a stand down town, and just cycle in way. Follow the signs from the city centre to Cannot, and from there goes the bicycle motorway foreby the Moosewater.

If the bycycle goes empty for stream: Just park it in another bycycle stand, and pick another bycyle. It is so light to do.

Good tour!


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