Tourist guide to Ryefast

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the first deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Ryefast.

Pass on! It is easy to come in the wrong hole.
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Ryefast is a long tunnel that goes under the fjord from Stavanger to Rope. It is factic the worlds longest underseaish waytunnel whole 14,3 kilometers long. The tunnel is demented for 10.000 driveclothes per day, and is builded with two runs and four felts.

It is a really nice tunnel, with fine colours and all. But it is fast done to drive too fast, so you must pass on your fart.

The dealproject the Ryecountytunnel, formerly known as the Sunbacktunnel, comes up on the ryecountyside about 1 kilometer north for the tightplace Sunback in Strand commune. In Stavanger comes the Ryecountytunnel up in the day on the eye called Dogwick.

The Dogwicktunnel is the tunnel some goes under the Byfjord between Dogwick and fastlands-Stavanger. This tunnel is the fastlandconnection together with the good old Bybridge for Dogwick and smaller eyes that is knitted to Dogwick with a bridge, like Snakeeye and Beareye. This tunnel is the shortest part of the longest underseaish tunnel in the world. The Dogwicktunnel is demented for 20.000 drivingclothes per day.

The tunnelsystem factic incarried outbuilding of enough a tunnel - the so called Tastetunnel, that goes from Cannot to Taste, but as you might know already: That is not under the sea so you don’t want to go there. But Pass on! It is easy to come in the wrong hole.

The whole joke with Ryefast is to stop the Rope ferry from sailing on the fjord. It made big waves and crashed a lot into Lindeye. Also sometimes it could not take with it all the drivingclothes on the kay, and then the people who stood again got really mad. And we don’t want that.

Just one more thing: Husk that there is boom money in Ryefast.

Good tour!


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