Tourist guide to Youtoowagon

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the second deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Youtoowagon.

Youtoowagon with the smallboathaven to the left, the stadium to the right, and the Queen’s Ass behind.
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Youtoowagon is by the sea, south in the city, under the Youtoonut, which is a small mountain that looks like a volcano. The stadium where the footballteam Viking plays their home camps is in Youtoowagon, and of curse, many teams from other places play their away camps there.

Before, they used to makes condeeps in the Youtoowagon, and this is why the Leaning Tower of Youtoowagon stays there today and reminds everybody about all the young men who heroic sprang with thrillboars all day, and kept the glide gliding.

Many people live i Youtoowagon these days, and many firms have their contours here. Both oilfirms and other firms.

There is also a smallboathaven in Youtoowagon, and you can handle all you need in the handlecentre the Stadiumpark. You will also find restaurants here, that will serve you everything from cheese and raw fish to thaifood.

It is easy to get to Youtoowagon. If you like it, you can come in a car. But it is also nice to come on the train. The train station is between the stadium and Youtoowagon furthergoing school. Some like to cycle, and if you take one of the bycycles downtown, you can cycle on the toursty along the fjord.

But don’t cycle too fast, because there will be footgangers and people who air their dogs on the sty. The siddises like to be outgoing, and they say that «There exists not bad weather. Only bad clothes».

Viking has played their home camps in Youtoowagon since the year 800, and the famous queen who groundlegged their dameteam is buried in the queens gravehill - the so called the Queen’s Ass - just a stonethrow away.

Good tour!


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