Tourist guide to Bighill

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the fifth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Bighill.

A hipster has left his sparkingcycle on a deserted Bighill road.
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Bighill is the eastern deal of Stavanger. Everybody who lives there are hipsters. They go around in routed shirts, have beard and brew their own beer.

Bighill is the most urban citydeal, but you can go on tour around the Godale, and even take a swimming tour in the fjord, if you will. If you come from the east on the toursty, you will come to the Hillewoodwater, with Paradise on the eastside and Layguard on the westside. Paradise is upcalled after the tv-series Paradise Hotel, but funny enough, there is no hotel in Paradise. Everybody in Paradise are filthy rich and have mexican gardeners.

The eastern part of the city deal was formerly known as the Heat. That is because there were so many factories there, with all the factorypipes that stood and smoked. The people from the Heat are poor, and they are ruled by the people from Paradise, so a revolution will eventually take place.

The highest place on Bighill, is the Ward. From the Ward you have a good outview to the aboutgivings. North of the Ward, you find the Bighill Mark, with old gravehills from the viking-time. As you know, Viking are now playing their home camps in Youtoowagon, so there is not so much football anymore.

But if you like churches, you have come to the right citydeal. Self about the people on Bighill not are religious - because they are hipsters - you know, they have so many churches that it is impossible not to be plagued by churchbells on sunday mornings.

After the churchbells have scared the hipsters out of their beds, they start roaming around Bighill on their sparkingcycles. Many of them are electric, so you better watch out to stay safe.

You can walk or cycle from the city center to Bighill. Either you go right uphill, or take the Peterstreet, you will find your way easy before you get lost.

Good tour!


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