Tourist guide to Madly

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the sixth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Madly.

Sword in Mountain is in the Mill Bay on Madly.
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Madly is the western deal of Stavanger, and has many tourist attractions. The most famous is the monument Sword in Mountain, which bestands of three gigantic swords that are stuck down in the ground by Oceansfjord, nearer decided at the Mill Bay.

Also when you go to Sword in Mountain, you can buy ice cream. Many people, both tourists and fastliving, like to do that. Almost in the neighbourteam lies the Madly Clay, which is a military clay. They have gasts in uniforms, but still, the gasts being in the marine and everything, there are no military boats in Oceansfjord.

You can walk the toursty out over Oceansfjord, and to and with go a little bit over the water in a swing. Then you can climb up to the Madly Too, which is a highland that kind of sticks out in Oceansfjord.

Madly has also a nice handle centre, situated in the Madly Cross. You can to and with buy wine there, if you will go for a picnic in the Mill Bay.

From there you can go to the other side of Madly, but don’t to go all the way out to Churnwick, because that deal of Madly might be dangerous to your life. To stay safe, don’t cross the Foxhomeway. Always hold you on the safe side of the road.

There has probably lived people in this area since the stoneage, and some of them are still on that level. People has been known to live in the Whist Hole, right across the commune boarder to Rantheberg, where they invented card games.

Most people on Madly are christian. In every fall, there is an old stone cross on the museum, that is from Cross Mountain on Madly, that writes itself back to 1100.

Madly used to be an own commune, until it was knocked together with Stavanger in 1965. If you look, you might see an old border stone and everything. If you will go to Madly, just go west, and when you come to the sea, you have gone too far.

Good tour!


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