Tourist guide to Eelfarm

Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the third deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Eelfarm.

Eelfarm skyline by night.
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Eelfarm is a tightplace in Goosedale commune. It lies direct on E 39 if you come in a car south for Stavanger, so you can’t miss it, even if you try.

The famous Kingpark is in Eelfarm close to the Fig river. You can do many funny things in the Kingpark, and the children like it.

In the Kingpark they have more than 60 activities and uplivings. You can now take the Stoop, which really let you know the g-crafts on your corpse.

If you will handle, you can do that in the modern handlecenters on Eelfarm, and there is a sandy beach also, right in the middle of the place.

Before, Eelfarm was a typical industryplace. The United Woolwarefactories was an important factory, and lied at Eelfarm because of the waterpower from the river. They to and with had a trainstation at Eelfarm, and that is not worst, but today there are no trains that goes on the Eelfarm railway.

A special thing about Eelfarm, is that there has been a lot of noise around what language the children shall use in the school. Forelders most will have bookgoal, but the commune is factic a newnorwegian-commune so this has not gone without swordbattle. Today, most of the children holds on to bookgoal.

The name Eelfarm comes from the early days, when they had big farms with eel. Eelfarmers were rich and successfull back in the days, because everybody loved eel. Not many people farm eel in our days, but they still have a lot of sheep in the hills around Eelfarm, self about The United Woolwarefactories hav laid down.

The Pearl is an upworked parkarea by the Edlandwater on Eelfarm. Here is it in naturefine aboutgivings laid to right for bathing and picnic about the summer. Big brugg, grassdeck, float and restrooms does that to a fine place for the whole family.

Good tour!


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