Tourist guide to Taste

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here or not. This is the fourth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Taste.

Wasitnose fire.
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Taste is a citydeal north in Stavanger. It streaks from the Byhill to Rantheberg, and has the cityjailhouse and everything. The Tastewood is the highest place in the citydeal, and has a good outview to the aboutgivings, so there you can go on tour.

In the middleage, there were four farms on Taste, namely High, Findplace - were the jailhouse is - and Uppertaste and Lowertaste. Everybody on High and Findplace died in the black death, so only they from Uppertaste and Lowertaste survived.

When you are at Taste, you must go to the Wasitnose fire. Wasitnose is in a manner a citydeal of itself, inside the citydeal, and the Wasitnose fire marks the insailing to whole Stavanger. If you come on a boat, you must pass the fire outerst on Wasitnose.

The learned fight about what Taste really means. All we know for security, is that it is a very old name. It can have togetherhang with the verb tase, that means upfleece, from the germanic root tas, with the meaning cut. That can be forcleared by the cut both the big and the little Stockwater deals up the landscape in.

There are many waters in Stavanger, but no citydeal has so many waters some Taste. You can go on tour around the big Stockwater, or maybe just the little, if you feel lazy. Going on tour around the Haylandswater, you must husk not to swim in the water, because it is poisoned.

If you want to cycle to Taste, you can do that by the sea northover from the city center. If you come in a car, you can come fast through the Oakanose tunnel, but pass on that you don’t drive down in the Dogwick tunnel, for before you know the word of it, you will be on Rope.

Good tour!


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