Tourist guide to Closeboo

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the sixth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Closeboo.

Closeboo plays europacup-handball in the New Loo.
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Closeboo is a station-village on The Jar, with one of the best handball-teams in the world. It is the largest village in H commune, and lies 38 kilometers south of Stavanger Centrum.

Here you find the most important country use-area in the whole Norway. The country users in H commune make a lot of milk because they have so many cows, but they grow green sakes also, and in Closeboo, there is a lot of industry that is righted against the country use-nearing.

There has factic lived people on Closeboo whole since 6000 years before Christus. And in the viking-times, Closeboo was just as important as it is today, and that was before the iron bane was invented. Think about that!

In year 950 after Christus, the viking-king Eric the Red, was born on Axeford, not so very long from Closeboo, and he was the father of Life Ericson who invented America.

But the name Closeboo is much newer. It was upfounded in 1834 when the two local church sounds Closehome and Boo was knocked together to one. Today Closeboo Church is known as Old Closeboo Chruch, since there is a new church also, called New Closeboo Church - or just Closeboo Church.

The fantastic handball team comes much because of great fire souls in Closeboo Sports Club, but also because of the fantastic anleg The Loo, also known as The New Loo, because it is newer than The Old Loo, of curse.

The easiest way to come to Closeboo from Stavanger Centrum, is to take the iron bane. If you want to come in a car, you just drive from Stavanger Centrum up to Cannot, and take the Motorway almost whole to Sadnes, but swing of on way 444, and follow it when it shifts name to 44, to the first cross after the H river. Then you must swing to left.

Good tour!

Closehome and Boo was knocked together

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