Tourist guide to the Godale

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the second deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Godale.

You can walk to the Godale from the city center. Just hold to east.
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The Godale is a bathing place whole east in Stavanger. There is a sand strand whole down with the water, and big plains with grass that streaks from the sand strand and all the way up over.

Also in the middle of it all, there is some sway bergs with stoop bretts on, so you can throw yourself into the fjord from. But it is cold in the water in Norway, so you should not be outin for too long. And never bath after a meal, some is really important.

In the Godale there is an ice bather club, that baths the whole year. It is sick, of curse, but the water in the summer is cold too, so maybe the difference is not so big.

If the water is not cold enough for you, there is a kiosk that sell ice cream and cold bruce. Right by the kiosk, the commune have set out big grills, so that you can bring your own grillfood, you know, summer cotelettes, and sausage and such things, but bring your own grill coal and tenn purse, and don’t forget fire sticks.

When you walk the sty to the Godale, there is a machine that tell you. So the commune are telling everybody that walks there. That is what they use the tax money on.

But if you don’t like to walk, you can go to a horse farm nearby, and get some horse. Then you can ride around on the sty, and rest your legs.

The sway bergs are in use the whole year by east european fishermen who fish. They usually fish with a fishing stang, and sometimes, they get fish to. The most normal fishes you can get if you fish in the Godale, is say and torsk, but you might fish a mackerell too.

To go to the Godale, you must hold to east out of the city center by the sea, for example on the blue promenade. Then go east as long as you can, and then you come to the Godale to slut.

Good tour!


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