Tourist guide to the Blue Promenade

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the first deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on The Blue Promenade.

A pair promenades on the Blue Promenade.
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The Blue Promenade starts with The Bathing Dam with outsight to the Rye County and goes forebye the Fishing Peer where the quickboats go to the By-eyes and Rye County.

After the Fishing Peer, you can admire the parking house and go on to the Oil Museum. Bye side of the museum lies the Geopark, which is an experimental bypark that is testing out new forms fore again use of things from the oil industry.

Further around the promenade, lies the veteranship «Rogaland». The ship was sea sat in 1929, and sailed between Stavanger and Oslo. Today it is the largest veteranship in whole Norway.

On the harbour will you find the fjord cruiseboats that can take you on a daytrip on the Rye County Fjord, or to The Preaching Stool in the Lightning Fjord. Or can happen you have lust to take the boat to Flour & Feather?

If you have the hunger, you can buy a little food bite, and what is better than to do like the local siddises, and buy a bag of fresh reiks right from the boat, and eat the reiks on the quay cant, while you gaze upon the old sea houses and the Whalebergtower.

Follow the promenade, and you come to the Beach quay. You can visit Old Stavanger here, with its small, white treehouses. Further down the Blue Promenade, you find the concert house, and behind that is Mountain Place, where the siddises used to burn witches in old days.

The total length of the Blue Promenade is four kilometers, or 4374 yards if you like your numbers in silly ways. The gang promenade was built as one of Stavanger’s thousand year places.

Good tour!

Can happen you have lust to take the boat to Flour & Feather?

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