Queen Margrethe to Stavanger

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is coming to Stavanger in April.

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The Queen will visit the Archeological Museum on Saturday, 12th April. It is the exhibition, "The battle. Warriors from Rogaland " which interests the Queen. Historical

Aftenbladet.no has received confirmation of this from the Danish palace.

«The battle. Warriors from Rogaland» is about the Ryger raid around 200 years AD.

1000 men from the south of Norway went to wage war on Jutland in Denmark. Here several were killed, others were made prisoners and ended their days as slaves, whilst others perhaps managed to escape. Dug up

The Danes who won the battle collected the Norwegians' war materials. These were sacrificed in a nearby lake, and remained there until excavation work in 1975-85. 13,000 objects were dug up, and some of these are on exhibition at the Archeological Museum. According to the museum, the exhibition reveals a Southern Norway which, already by about 200 BC was far more organized than previously assumed.

The exhibition takes place from 16th January, to 27th April. Proud of the museum

"We are extremely proud about this, and it has been difficult to keep it quiet. That she wants to pay us a visit is indescribably wonderful," says information consulent at the museum, Kristin Støle Kalgraff.

Personnel at the museum have heard that the Queen is extremely interested in archeology.

The objects of the exhibition are usually presented in a Danish museum, and are on loan to Stavanger.

"Our exhibition is quite different, with a lot of sound and light, so that visitors feel they are present in the past. Maybe it was this which attracted the Queen."

Støle Kalgraff promises that the museum will make a fuss of the Queen.

"This is a really nice event."

After visiting Stavanger, the Danish Queen will continue to Oslo, where she is to be present at the opening of the new Opera House.