The Troll Pick

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the fourth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Troll Pick.

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The Troll Pick is a stone formation near the cosy town of Ørgenstin, which is famous for its strong bands to the Presley family. Actually, it is representants for the Presley family who has renamed Ørgenstin, earlier known to Norwegians as Egersund.

It is factic a year ago these days, that the Troll Pick got famous, when vandals bored holes in the pick, so it fell down. Nobody, out about the ørgenstinians of curse, had ever heard about the Troll Pick before.

When the pick fell down, it becomed a big deal in all the Norwegian newspapers. To and with newspapers in the outland wrote about it, and then people started to walk to the pick as a sunday tour. Now the pick is up again, thanks be a local entrepreneur who know how to raise a pick.

After that, the local sheriff has after researched the downfall of the pick. One gang the sheriff took a man, but it showed whist that he was innocent. Nobody else has been taken by the sheriff, but I guess whoever did this, should become citizen of honor in Ørgenstin, for making the town and its pick so famous.

If you come on a boat, you can take a tourist bus to Ørgenstin, and visit the pick. Or you can do as we locals do, and drive a car to the closest parking place, and just go from there. It is easy to find the way to Ørgenstin, but follow with, some of the way signs may still read the old name Egersund.

When you almost come to the town, you must drive to Flourhouse and set your car there. Then it is easy to walk to the pick.

If you like to go. You should absolutely drive whole to Ørgenstin and set the car there, and walk there from to the pick.

If you are really smart, and have good time, you can buy some food in the town, and bring it to the Troll Pick for a picnic.

Good tour!

To and with newspapers in the outland wrote about it