The Lee Mountain

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the first deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Lee Mountain.

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One gang in the time, there was a troll that lived on the Lee Mountain on the other side of the Gandsfjord. Some you know, trolls are not very christian, and the troll on the Lee Mountain was not different.

So one day, the troll saw that the siddises had built the Doom Church, and that really made the troll angry. Therefore took the troll a big stone, and throwed it after the Doom Church. But the troll missed and the stone landed just a pair meters away from the church.

Where the stone landed, was there a big suck in the landscape. And when the rain started, the suck was filled with water, and is now known as the Broad Water. Many folks say that the Broad Water is the heart of the city. There live swans there now, and ands. The andmother with her children is one of the symbols of Stavanger.

If you want to go to the Lee Mountain, you must drive to Sadnes, and out again on the other side of the fjord. There you will find a parking place where you can set your car and start walking to the mountain.

It takes a little time, so can happen you will have som food with you on the tour. That can you buy many places in Sadnes.

The tour goes on a sty that is good to go on, but you will have mountain shoes or other tour shoes on you. And you better see up! For die, suddenly the troll is there, and you must pass up so it does not throw you on the Doom Church.

When you come on the top, will you have a good outsight to the whole city.

Good tour!

One gang in the time, there was a troll that lived on the Lee Mountain

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