Outstone Cloister

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the second deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Outstone Cloister.

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The cloister at Outstone lays on the Cloister Island which hangs fast in Aunt Island. You have to drive through the Rennfast tunnel system to get there, but pass on your fart, because if you drive to hard, the sheriff will take you in your car.

The cloister was driven by munchs about the same time they builded the Doom Church. And that was at least around 1160. It is not secure that the famous norwegian munch Edward Munch was one of them, but it is very, very possible he was.

The munchs in the cloister walked around in dresses and had a farm. They also prayed much. Every day.

Outstone Cloister is the oldest cloister that is still around in whole Norway. Of curse, it is not a cloister anymore, fore who wants to be a munch today, with internet, and everything?

It shall have been set up by the famous Norwegian king Magnus Makefines. But when it was finished, he would not stay there, because his father Hakon Hakonsson was dead, so he would live in the city instead, which everybody must understand, because that is much more nice, with all the bars and nightclubs in the city centre, fore not to mention the good bus- and train-solutions that knit Stavanger together with the flyplace and the rest of the world.

Since you can drive the whole way to the cloister port, this is a tour you can do to and with if you have bad foots, so this is a good alternative for handicapped and hung-over tourists.

Good tour!

Pass on your fart or the sheriff will take you in your car

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