Helmet Country

Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the second deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Helmet Country.

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Helmet Country is a commune in Rye County where you can go up on Helmet Hill and look down on Helmet Country Village and the Rye County Fjord. The outlook is very, very nice.

This is a place where the people like to kill. They kill a lot of fish. So you should not go there if you are a happy salmon. They are so glad in to kill fish, that they factical lay fish eggs, grow the fishes, and then kill them. Both hallibut and salmon.

When they not kill fish, they like to dig out sand from sand roofs. They have big sand roofs with lots of sand, some they sell to others, and fract with boat. Of curse, they do other things to in Helmet Country. They have fruits, for example, and they make stools. Funny enough, they make jar stools.

Once you get tired of killing fishes and making stools in Helmet Country, you can slap off at the spa hotel. Or you can go back to Stavanger the same day, fore it is not longer from the city, that you can go both ways.

Down in the center of the Helmet Country Village, they have made a scene. There they have the yearly Fruit and Salmon Festival. On the Fruit and Salmon Festival, the people of Helmet Country celebrate fruit and salmon.

You can come on a boat to Helmet Country, but many people like to come in cars. Then they drive the Rye County Road from Rope. To come to Rope, you just take the Rope Ferry from the Fishing Pier. Next year you can come in a tunnel under the sea, but that is not open now.

If it is not good enough for you, just to be in Helmet Country, then you can take the boat to About Live - the biggest eye in the whole Rye County Fjord - or you can take the boat the whole way to Nosewick.

Good tour!

Drive the Rye County Road from Rope

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