H Old Priest Farm

Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the fifth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on H Old Priest Farm.

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The priest farm is located 44 kilometers or 27 miles south of the city centre, in the landscape called The Jar. You will have to lay a car in a car-out-lay to get there, or you can take the train to Nearbow station and take a taxi from there. A taxi is almost the same as an uber, but a little difficultier to get take in.

H Old Priest Farm is a cunst-gallery with bilds and sculptures and such, but in the old days it was a place where they farmed priests. Some say they had hundreds of priests wandering around the earths of the farm, other sources are more uncertain, but a priest farm it was. Today, they mostly farm sheep in this area.

They have a fast wandering around the priest farm every sunday, and sometimes there are concerts to. So for folks in Stavanger, the old priest farm is a big outfartplace. Specially in the weekends, cityfolks fart to the priest farm.

The about advice of the priest farm walks back in time 8200 years. You should not believe they had priests then, but in the Nearbow-area, they actually did. Let’s be honest: Who should dope the children and begrave the dead, if not the priests?

If you lay a car, just drive foreby Sadnes, and follow the skilts to Brain. When you come on the round-a-bout by the Shell station at Brain, continue south all the way to Nearbow, but don’t drive whole in there. Go south from Nearbow and skilts to the H Old Priest Farm will suddenly duck up by the road. Follow the skilts.

If you have the hunger, they have a cafe at the priest farm where you can buy lefses and butterbread and soup and all sorts.

For the rest, they have good laps with escape.

Good tour!

It was a place where they farmed priests