Find Island

Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the seventh deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on Find Island.

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The easiest way to find Find Island, is to lay a car in the city centre, and drive through the tunnels under the sea. Of curse, when you do that, you will find some other islands too. First you will find Aunt Island, and then Rennes Island. Now you have drived car through two tunnels, but don’t give up, if you search, you will find Find Island in the end of the Find fast, which is the third tunnel.

Pass on, when you drive through the tunnels, because the police is goaling your fart. It is easy to have to much fart down in the hole, but hold back, so will it go fine. If you go right in the round-a-bout, you will end up on Tallow Island, and nobody wants that, so go strait, and - lo and behold - you will eventually find Find Island.

You can also go to Find Island with boat. There is a hurty boat route from The Fishing Pier, where the Rope Ferry goes also. But on the other side.

Find Island is factually end so long its own commune, with not less than 16 belived islands. This is the commune in whole Norway that grows the most tomatoes. So, if it is tomatoes you want, you have come to the right place.

Jewishmountain is the capital of Find Island. There found they once an icebear skeleton, which fore tells that it has been cold, a winter night or two. If you like to see old churches, you must visit the old stone church in Hoarse Town, which really is a one horse town. Hoarse Town Church is a long church from the dark ages, on the westside of the island. Opposite to Jewishmountain, which is in the east, and it being located almost at the middle of the eastside it is kind of in the middle east.

If you come in August, there will be a tomato festival, that celebrates tomatoes.

Good tour!

Jewishmountain is the capital of Find Island