The Rule

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the fifth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Rule.

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The Rule is a hill between the Western Plateau and the Match. One gang in time, vikings made graffiti on the Rule. Self about somebody back in those days enough saw on it as vandalism, the siddises has taken care on the viking-graffiti and are proud of it today.

The Vikings carved what should be the finished graffiti into the berg. Of curse, it was hard work, but the vikings were some really tough types.

Lucky wise, the carvings was really hold bar, so we can still enjoy this piece of art today. The vikings who made it had probably gone on the Match school. In every fall, that is the local school, which also is famous for its good school corpse.

When the vikings had done the graffiti, they went longer up the Stokkaway, whole to Holbergsgate, factic, and started Viking Football Club on Stavanger Stadium. Viking Football Club was good. Now its not.

There are two other viking graffiti areas in Stavanger, namely at Flouring at About Island, and out with Oceansfjord. The one at the Rule is easily accessible if you come on a boat. Just go all the way through the Beach, as the old town is called by the locals, then cross the Lucky way, and you are there.

The carvings are forestaying viking ships, cheers - or skåls, as we say in Norwegian - suns and an axe. Nobody knows what the meaning with all this is meant to be, but you know, if the vikings were on their way home from a moisture night in the Colour Street, they can have been really drunk.

On the other side, can it also happen that the vikings got some kind of divine inspiration of to cross Lars Hertervigs Place on their way to the Rule. Hertervig is a really famous painter, who you can see hanging in Stavanger Art Museum in Henry Gibsons street by the Moss Water Park.

Good tour!

The Rule is a hill between the Western Plateau and the Match

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