The Moss Water

DRØSET: Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the sixth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Moss Water.

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The Moss Water is an in-sea that lays about in the middle of Stavanger. It is surrounded by rather travel ways, like E 39, the Mad La Way and Henry Gibsons street, but still fore stands as an oasis of peace.

I must to stand that I have not counted the birds in the Moss Water, but they say there are 143 of them. Another funny thing about the water, is that it is exactly ten times as high, as it is deep.

Think on that you!

Many siddises like to go around the water. Other like to cycle, and some like to jog. A lot of people will also air the dog around the water. It is a big discussion between siddises, which direction is the most correct to go, around the water. The fact that this an issue at all, says all about how few problems we factic have in Stavanger, and how easy it is to lure us into silly discussions.

But not me. Oh no.

One gang in time, the Moss Water was the drinking water of Stavanger. Today the water is just for recreational use, but of curse it is also important as a watershed delivering fresh water to the Broad Water downtown, which is delivered through the Cannot Stream.

By the water on the south side, you will find a bathing pool that is called the Olding, self about it is new. If you bathe to hard in the pool, you can rest on a camping place next door. The camping place is called Moss Tune Camping, probably because of the whistling sounds from the big trees around the water.

I was really not going to bland me into this discussion, but all like well:

The only sensible way to go around the Moss Water, is against the clock.

Just think you about. So that so.

If you come on a boat, you must go over Lucky Way and through Cannot, before you are with the Moss Water. See up for the traffic.

Good tour!

Just think you about

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