The Sun Ruin Church

Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the fourth deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Sun Ruin Church.

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Funny thing is, that this is a ruin that has seen better days, because it has been more ruined than it is. Under the second world war, when the tuskers occupied Norway, the tuskers rave the ruin and ruined it completely. But the tuskers are so nazi on counting things, that they accounted for the whole ruins’ every single stone. So after the war, when the peace broke out, it was easy to build the ruin up again.

After a big restauration work more than 30 years ago, the church is not half the ruin it used to be. And also in the ruins they have found a body coffin with bonerests in, but if it was not enough with the tuskers who rave down the whole ruin, the bergensers took the coffin and the bonerests and everything to their own museum, those bastards.

Today, many folks like to get married in the Sun Ruin Church. Probably because their marriage soon after will lay in ruins anyways. So why not.

The word driver of the Sun commune deals out the peoples rights price of the Northern Jar-Region in the Sun Ruin Church every year. Outside the church, there is a bauta stone for the great Viking-player Erling Skjalgsson. He lived on a big guard and played for Viking when they was so good in the seventies, which is something to remember. From there you can see the whole Oceans Fjord, where Norway was collected to one rich. And it still is one of the richest countries in the world.

If you come in a car, you just drive against the fly place, and swing to the right. If you come on a fly, you can just walk to the ruin church.

Good tour!

If you come on a fly, you can just walk

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