The Boom Ring

Welcome you tourists some are here. This is the eight and last deal of this years summer series of tourist guides to Stavanger, and today we shall see closer on the Boom Ring.

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The Boom Ring is quite new, but already the most talked about thing in whole Stavanger. Everywhere you go downtown, you are inside the Boom Ring, but once you go a kilometer out, you will pass the ring.

On the By Bro stands the most discussed part of the ring, and to get there, you must walk to the left for the Broad Water by the Doom Church, pass the Peter’s Church on the New Marketplace, and follow the Peter’s Street whole till you see John’s Church to the right. Yup, we really do have a lot of churches, don’t we? Then you go up by John’s Church and to the left. But don’t go to far, because if you do, you might end up on Bighill, where they all are armed and dangerous outlanders.

If you held to the left, you are suddenly on the bro, and can walk over it. The view is the best. From the By Bro you see the whole harbour, almost, and the fjord under you. Right before you come to Sea Lust, the Boom Ring stands on the side of the road on a green pole that bends and stretches over the road.

Folks who live on islands - the so called islanders - are angry, and want the ring to turn around. If it does, they can drive their cars all the way to the city center without paying for it. But of curse, then they will have to pay when they drive home. Well, best not to tell them, I guess.

It is the Boom Ring that has inspired the folks in the world famous Knock Are Knock action group to demonstrate against the politicians. They think the Boom Ring is one thing too much, and it makes them mad. Or as the siddises say: “That was the drop”.

The joke with the Boom Ring is to collect money to build roads and cycle sties for. Many cities have them now, but the one in Stavanger is the real deal.

Good tour!

As the siddises say: “That was the drop”

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